Monthly Archives: December 2014

Sorry for the radio silence. taboo_ has had a medical emergency.

Hey all. Long time no cast. It’s been disgustingly too long, but I assure you this time it’s been completely out of our control.

So we had our schedule thrown out of whack initially as Church had to go away for a little for work. We were both getting quite antsy to get a new episode out and had planned to record it this past weekend. Unfortunately things did not quite go to plan.

When visiting a friend, upon arrival I stuck my nose over his gate and was greeted by his rather large dog on the end of my nose. Quite litterally I have had most of my right nostril bitten off by a dog. It’s been a frustratingly slow few days of being shuffled around hospitals, wards and loads of mind numbingly boring down time while bed ridden waiting for operations that are often times delayed.

I had my first operation with the plastic surgeon yesterday. They were able to clean it up and get most of the structure back to how it should be (the doggy managed to get down to cartilage and mangled it pretty good). From here I have a second operation on Friday to have what is called a “forehead skin flap” done. Don’t google image search that before lunch.

After that I will be in hospital for an undetermined period of time and then in and out for weeks having anything up to five more operations in an attempt to try and get me looking normal again. This is not a fun time for me and I assure you all I’d rather be recording and cutting audio instead, but it is what it is and I’m left putting my trust in the doctors and doing whatever needs to be done.

Regardless, despite how it may seem currently we haven’t gone anywhere. I can’t however tell you with certainty when our next episode will air. Thank you all for your ongoing support. It’s been awesome making this great little community and we both hope you all will still be interested in our banter when I come out the other side with a new nose. For anyone that celebrates it – Merry Christmas and a happy new year go everyone.

For more information and a picture of the damage click here: