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All abored the hype-train. VIDEO FOOTAGE of Beast Souls now out.

As brought to my attention by Vinícius on our Facebook page it seems there was another leak for Beast’s Souls on 4Chan’s /v/ board just ~20mins ago.

Check the vid:

Or some giffy highlights:

Title card and environment.

A whip crack and what looks potentially like a boss.

Amazing looking fog gate.

Running through the environment and shooting at a mob.


Shotguns confirmed. How you like me now Church?




    1. All I can say at the moment is I honestly don’t know. I predict it will be Demon’s Souls 2. If it’s not then I see little reason for it to be a PS4 exclusive. But even that I don’t think we know for sure.

      Fingers crossed it isn’t and exclusive and we all get to enjoy it. However at present, and the way everything seems to be going it seems it likely will be a PS4 exclusive.

    1. Sorry about the delay. Church has been international for a wedding. I’ve not spoken to him for a bit but I’m hoping to get an episode out by next week.

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