1. Thanks so much for taking an interest man. We will release weekly. Ultimately these initial couple episodes may appear as though they’ve not followed any sort of sensible schedule as we wanted to release the first ep exactly a week before the game’s release, and the second ep a day or two after its release so we had a chance to get some initial impressions.

      Now that’s out the way we will continue with a much more regular weekly schedule. Each new ep should go live Friday or Saturday.

      1. You guys are really awesome. I have a question about something that is closer to the end; I am guessing you guys have beaten DS2, how do you get to Nashandra?

  1. I listened to the first episode and really enjoyed your discussion! I’m nearing the end of Dark Souls II (I think…) and just can’t get enough of it.

    1. Well I’m not… so no spoilers ok ;).

      There’s a second ep up as well. It’s just a brief “first impressions” episode but our next, full length, in depth ep will be up by Saturday.

  2. Thanks guys and gals of TDS2! It is so awesome to hangout with you all digitally through the streams and podcasts. Keep up the fight and Praise the Sun!

      1. I think I found you on stitched, but im not using that app anymore and just downloading them from your site now. Please tell me you guys will keep pumping out more content. Will you talk more about PvP, or different builds or weapon choices? I also really love stories about funny things that have happened in game. I was up at 1am last night playing the game and had several experiences that make me laugh out loud, yell at the tv screen and so nerve wracked that im nearly crushing the controller in my hands. Then the next day I listen to you guys talking about it while im at work, and really enjoying it. Cheers, keep up the great work!

        1. Awesome. Thanks so much for the support mate. I’m cutting the latest ep right now (Undead Crypt). Should be out within 12hrs.

          It’s a hard balance getting the “humour” and side-stories right. Some people love it some people hate it. As such we kinda just decided to not try to appease anyone particularly and just be ourselves. If we have something interesting to say, we’ll say it. If we get side-tracked and it’s boring as crap sometimes I’ll cut it. But all in all we just be ourselves and hope people enjoy it =).

          1. Yeah screw it, just put it all in. When you hint at editing things out, I get a little sad thinking I might have missed something.

            Btw, is Betty always sitting in the room with you guys when you record? Clearly she plays the game, she has dropped a few good knowledge bombs. A third, female voice would interesting. Anyways, thanks for all you do, cheers

            1. I get it. But seriously 90% of what I cut is either blank space, ums and ers, someone talking over the other or unnecessary repetition. It really is the stuff that would make the podcast seem much more amateur or at the least more boring. There really is only a small fraction of cutting an actual section and I will really only ever do that if the section completely flops when I listen back to it – and even then I’ll only cut if the episode is looking like it’ll be too long (as made evident by some of the shit that makes the final cut). I promise, you really are getting the unadulterated “TDST” just minus the real boring bits.

              Btw, is Betty always sitting in the room with you guys when you record?

              For all but maybe… two… episodes. So yeh, she’s just as much a part of the team as us two.

              Clearly she plays the game, she has dropped a few good knowledge bombs. A third, female voice would interesting.

              I couldn’t agree more. I’d LOVE for her to get on mic but she’s shy so the fact that I constantly bring it up and have done for the last 6mths hasn’t helped any. But I’ll be sure to show her this ;).

              Thanks mate.

  3. I’ve been listening to your podcast every day at work and I love it. I just got back into DkS2 since all the DLC is out, and it’s awesome to listen to you all talk about each of the areas, kinda gives me a refresher on each one so when I go home and play it I know what to look out for.Anyways just wanted to tell you guys that I really appreciate the time you put into these podcasts! It’s high quality content and humor all rolled into one! Thanks!

    1. Sorry to say mate but it’s not going to happen. It was an amazingly fun ride while it lasted and I’m so happy and proud of all the fans we managed to entertain for that little while there, but a “The Dark Souls Three” will not be happening =(. <3.

      1. This is sad =/ . I loved your podcast. No one in Brazil talked about this game. Thank you guys for everything.

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  5. I just recently discovered this podcast (I’m playing through all the Dark Souls titles) and am sad to see that this was isolated to only Dark Souls II. Dark Souls II has always been the “red headed step-child” of the Dark Souls series for me, but listening to the podcast has given me a much larger appreciation of the game. I was hoping to see a Bloodborne podcast, but I see that this ended with DSII. I appreciate the work that you guys did and am enjoying the podcast quite a bit. Thanks guys!

    1. I’m actually visiting Japan at the moment (which is why it took me a while to reply – using my phone less 😂). I was talking to a girl who moved here and teaches English. She actually got to teach the lead artist of Dark Souls 2 as one of her students. She reckons she was fangirling hard 😁. So cool.

  6. Thanks so much man. If you’ve listened to a bit you’ll know we only kept it up as long as we did because of feedback like this. To still get these messages two years after my last update is always touching.

    Enjoy the game man there’s a lot to love when you scratch below the surface.

    <3 taboo_

    1. I’ve actually completed the game and re-playing. I’m also on my second listen through for the series. Really enjoy it, man! BTW where on earth can I get a Zeus God of Thor t-shirt?

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