The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

The Dark Souls Two want a new avatar competition!!!

***Competition now closed. Congratulations to Jim and James. Check out all the entries here***

It’s time for a new avatar and we want to see what you, the listeners can, do.

– Submissions close 17th August 2014.

– The Winning entrant will receive the Season Pass DLC on the platform of their choice. If the entrant already has the DLC an official Dark Souls 2 guide book will be offered in its place.

– Something no smaller than 1024×576 is desirable, but the larger, and higher quality the better.

– While the avatar will be square for the podcast, we would also hope to use it for Youtube and other media. As such it would be best to focus on a 16:9 ratio with a background that can be cropped to be square.

– If you are looking to use our current font it is called Optimus Princepts and can be found online. The winning entry does not however require it to be considered.

– Entries can be submitted to, or

– If you would like more information feel free to  ask.

Edit: here is an album of us for those that requested it however using these images is in no way necessary for a successful entry:


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