The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

Podcast 003 – Dark Souls 2 lore. The opening, tutorial area and Majula.

This episode is our first on Dark Souls 2 lore. Covers the opening, tutorial area and Majula.

– New version uploaded with Saulden’s audio now in the correct place.


This week’s listener question:

What starting gift did you choose and why?



  1. I chose the Petrified Something, it seemed the most ambiguous of all the gifts. After I found out I could trade it, I took it to the birds and ended up with the White Ring which was kinda cool.

    I had a small comment about your most recent podcast. You pointed out when the lady in red hands you an effigy it doesn’t show up in your inventory. I think you just use it when she hands it to you because when you come out of your character creation screen you’re no longer hollow. Just my thought on it.

    Love the podcast, keep up the great work!

    1. I just went back and checked. You’re absolutely right. That’s a nice touch, just when I thought I’d caught them out with an inconsistency they go and prove me completely wrong. God I love the thought From Soft have put into these games.

      I only got Petrified Dragon Bone for my Petrified Something. I’m sure it’s rare, but not as cool as some of the things that are popping up for others. That White ring sounds incredibly interesting. I love they way they make the game hard. Make it harder by allowing others to come into your world at any moment and mess your shit up. And then make it simply brutal by also giving you tools to mess with others as well. I mean think of the Chameleon spell – it’s only use is for other players. Or the Lloyd’s Talismans. A tool to invade someone, catch them off guard and ALSO screw them over for trying to heal in a battle they never asked for. Amazing.

      Oh and thanks. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  2. Great episode guys, but you have completely ruined the “soul of a lost undead” for me. I’m going to sing it that way forevermore apparently.

    1. Just sharing the frustration. I’ve been stuck singing it like that in my head since I first picked one up in Dark Souls 1. Every damned time.

      And here I thought acquiring souls was supposed to soothe my ailing mind.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch though.

  3. I just found this podcast. It’s pretty cool, also this is my first souls hame. I wouldn’t have gotten it if it weren’t for the guys on the giant bomb. Now I’m hooked and can’t stop playing it and trying to find more info about it. I am looking forward to your next cast.

    1. You’re down the rabbit hole now Alice. I implore you to head back to Dark Souls I at some point too. DaSII borrows a lot of lore from the first game so everything becomes just so much richer. The differences between the first and second aren’t so stark that it’d be painful to go backwards either, so when you’re happy with your time in DaSII absolutely give DaSI a spin ;).

  4. Stumbled upon you guys right after I picked up the game. For better or worse, my life is on hold right now as I explore the strange and wonderful world of Drangleic! Your podcasts are great! I plan to play through an area first, and then listen to you guys talk about it, as I believe that 95% of the wonder and creepiness comes from being totally unspoiled when encountering something new. I look forward to future episodes from you guys! Cheers!

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