The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

Podcast 010 – Dark Souls 2 lore on Harvest Valley and the Earthen Peak opening. Plus DLC talk!

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This week’s listener question:

What changes, additions or improvements would you hope to see in Bloodborne (née Project Beast) upon its release?


Show Notes:

Gameplay footage of Bloodborne (née Project Beast)
Post discussing the gameplay footage leak with gifs
Official pre-release teaser shown at the 2014 E3 for Bloodborne
Post discussing the official announcement of Bloodborne at E3
Lost crown trilogy DLC trailer
Follow our twitch page here to get an update when we go live.


  1. Recent subscriber to the podcast – love it gents, very cool stuff !
    Probably know this but here’s a saggy tip for our Souls.

    There’s promotional event that’s currently running.
    Check the Majula Mansion chest (where the Skeleton was) every Wednesday up to (and including) the 22nd of July for free treasures.

    Not just for PC users, confirmed this works on the PS3. So no doubt Xbox.

    1. Now this I did not know about. Thanks for the heads up. I deserve a lashing for missing the first item.

      Here’s the English translation for the drops:

      “It’s a promotional campaign. From is changing the contents of the Majula Mansion treasure box every week until the first DLC is released:”

      June 5, 2:00 pm: Petrified Something x3 (for Dyna & Tillo trading)
      June 11, 2:00 pm: Twinkling Titanite x2 (for weapon upgrading)
      June 18, 2:00 pm: Cracked Red Eye Orb x5 (for invading)
      June 25, 2:00 pm: Bonfire Acsetic x4 (for increasing Bonfire level)
      July 1, 2:00 pm: Poison Stone x1, Bleed Stone x1 (for weapon infusion)
      July 8, 2:00 pm: Elizabeth Mushroom x3, Withered Dusk Herb x3 (for healing/spell cast replenishment)
      July 15, 2:00 pm: Smooth and Silky Stone x5 (for Dyna & Tillo trading)
      July 22, 2:00 pm: A Secret Item! (probably a Pendant)

      Community testing:

      The event has already started.
      The chest will re-close if you already opened it prior to today.
      The chest does not reset via ascetics.
      Times are likely JST

  2. So I have been listening to the podcast for almost two months now, and I love it, the stupidity added is just a plus to the lore gained, but I have to say Vaatividya mentioned that the map in Demon’s souls to the right you could see what looked liked Drangleic. So we know that the Giants crossed the sea to Drangleic, and in Demon’s souls has the Archstone, “Land Of Giants,” so maybe the Giants crossed the sea from there to Drangleic. Now it has been said that Boletaria, and the whole Demon’s Souls world was totally separate to Dark Souls, but it seems like the map in Demon’s Souls (the map in a cut scene) would explain where the giants came from.

  3. Yay! A new episode, i love it.
    A small tip: when you jump to another cliff, do a plunging attack, in that case your character won’t do a rolling animation.

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