The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

Podcast 007 – Dark Souls 2 lore. The Lower Lost Bastille. Plus PC modding!

This week’s listener question:

Show us ya tips! Send in your favorite tip for new players or things you’ve discovered that you wished you were told when you started playing Dark Souls 2.

We’ll be sure to give a shoutout for any community supplied tips that we use in subsequent episodes.


Show Notes:

GeDoSaTo – Generic DownSampling Tool
ENB lighting mod.
SweetFX shader overlay


  1. Hi, guys.
    Cleric starts with 11str and his mace requirement is 12 (not 10 and 15).

    “Note that two handing a weapon DOUBLES your effective strength (i.e. Two handing with 10 STR nets you effectively 20 STR).”

    Mind if I ask you, did you ever pvp against each other? if not, pls do this and tell us. Keep up the great job, really enjoing your podcast, thanks.

    1. Yeh I gotta say, with the errors and stumbling over the difference between “dual wielding” and “two handing” I was pretty dissappointed with that whole tip. I should have cut it, but I’m an idiot. I will need to confirm the “two handing doubles your strength” thing. It’s likely true but I’m certain that it was 1.5x in the previous game and it’s not uncommon for the wiki to get these things wrong in the early stages. It’s probably right, but I will prove it for myself.

      Haha. No Church and I have never PVP’d with each other. I would LOVE to, we’ll need to see if we can when he gets the PC version.

      Thanks for the feedback.

        1. Really. Thank you. It’s only for the fact that we have listeners that we do this. We would have lost interest a long time ago if we didn’t feel like we were reaching anyone.

          Thanks for the support.

          1. So because of you guys I started playing DS1. I just started only an hour in but already I’m hooked. Did you guys doing anything for DS1? Also can you maybe recommend a YouTube channel to get me started

            1. I’m afraid we’ve not got any real Dark Souls 1 content of note. When you ask for recommendations it depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want lore discussions, walkthroughs, PVP, etc.?

              We appreciate that we made you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole. Soon you’ll pick up Demon’s Souls as well no doubt ;).

              1. So funny you would bring up demon souls. I bought it the same day, I just want to go through DS1 then on to DS. Hopefully by the time I get through them project beast will be close. So as far as content is concerned lore and a walk through would be cool. Can’t wait for this week’s podcast.

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