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Podcast 008 – The Upper Lost Bastille, Belfry Luna and Sinner’s Rise. Plus Demon’s Souls 2 discussion and the Lordvessel in DaS2!?

It’s a MASSIVE ep this week with so much to cover.

This week’s listener question:

What is your theory on the Lordvessel in Dark Souls 2? Why is it there? Why is it broken? And how did it get there?


Show Notes:

Beast Souls leak
Psycho Mantis’ analysis of the credits from the three games.
VaatiVidya’s take on the whole situation with Beast Souls.
Reddit user MisterFluffkins’ Lordvessel theory.


  1. Hey!

    You can’t unpetrify Straid, untill you defeat The Lost Sinner, since you need a branch, wich is in the room after boss fight. Also, you need to use a pharros lockstone to access Belfry Luna. Or did you say that? I just pay more attention to your jokes rather than actual content:) sorry.

    Anyways, your podcast is amazing, lots of fun.

    Here’s my crazy theory: the lordvessel is in majula, cause it used to be The Kiln of the First Flame. I’ll show myself out..

    1. You can get a branch out of the last cell on the left as you’re walking through the water right before the run up to The Lost Sinner. There’s also a lockstone on the same corpse.

      Majula = Kiln. Hmm, that’s a tin hat theory right there. You reckon you can support it in any way?

      Also, “just pay more attention to your jokes rather than actual content:)” do you find that’s because it’s hard to follow along? It is difficult for us to make it explicitly clear exactly where we’re talking about, it’s made even harder when, as a listener, you don’t know an area inside and out. But I’m wondering if we need to be more explicit with where we’re talking about or whether we are doing anything that’s specifically making it difficult to follow.

      1. I feel like a nerd correcting you, guys. But i just can’t resist.

        There is a lockstone in that cell, true, but the branch is in the room after boss fight (; Sinner’s Rise: Right next to the Primal Bonfire in a chest after defeating The Lost Sinner).
        The point was, that you first opened pharros door and unpetrifyed Straid, and then picked branch and lockstone. This could be confusing for some players.

        Majula=Kiln. It was just a random thought, cause there’re ruins and ashes all over the place. Sorry to confuse you:P If i think of smth to support that, you’d the first to know (if you care:D). Btw, that detective work on Lost Sinner=Witch of Isalith is good, i love that.

        Engish is not my native language, but it is always crystal clear for me, what you’re talking about, and the actual content you’re talking about is great, so don’t change anything. Again, sorry to confuse you. I just like your jokes.

        Can’t wait for the next episode, have a nice day!

        1. There’s a ton of fragrant branchs in the huntsman’s copse/harvest valley areas, you don’t have to fight any tough bosses like the last sinner to get your first one.

        2. Wholly crap. You might be right. I’ve no idea where I’m getting the information that you get a branch of yore and a lockstone on the same corpse BEFORE The Lost Sinner. I believe it might just be a lockstone and a soul of some sort now. NEVER feel bad about correcting us. As we’ve said many times before we don’t claim to be authorities and we will undoubtedly make mistakes at times. Plus, you’ve no reason to feel like a nerd, we research the game for many hours a week, talk about for more hours and then release it to other nerds. You’re in good company now ;).

          And we absolutely care about ideas like those. Few things are truly obvious in this game so we’d never laugh at an idea like that coz it’s the kind of thing that may just end up having a tonne of evidence to support it once you scratch below the surface.

          No confusion, your English is great. I was asking as I was genuinely curious. I do worry at times that our ability to speak a little fast and jump into a joke at the drop of a hat may make the episodes a little hard to follow at times.

          Thanks for the feedback.

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