The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

Podcast 009 – Huntsman’s Copse and Undead Purgatory. Plus the Kadokawa aquisition of FromSoft.

This week’s listener question:

What is your favourite weapon in Dark Souls 2 and why?


Show Notes:

Kadokawa aquires From Software


  1. “PENIS!” I was laughing and crying, people on the subway stared at me.

    It’s not a glith or a bug, you can fight chariot both ways, if you attack it on the move, at some point you break the wheel and executioner can’t make a jump, and you see a horse stuck on the ledge (reminds me of a ceaseless discharge).

    Please make a stream! I will wake up at 6am to watch it.

    Favorite wepon? Black Knight’s Halberd. It’s got a great moveset, especially the spin.

  2. eff, why, eye…

    At least on the iTunes version of the podcast, I think where you guys meant to put Creighton’s dialogue, we just get about a minute of absolute silence.

    Aside from that, great episode as always.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I was made aware a couple days ago. There is a fixed version uploaded now, but not before the original, and flawed version, had been downloaded far too many times for my liking. So. sorry about that.

  3. I know it’s kinda noobish, but I love the Drangleic sword. I’m starting NG+ and i have it upgraded to +5 and I use Great Magic Weapon. Might respec and switch to Curved Dragon Greatsword soon though..

    1. I love the move set of the Drangleic Sword! Very versatile in melee combat against invaders. 2 consecutive strong one handed attacks creates a nice combo of thrust, followed by a sweeping backhanded 360 (there must be a technical term for this maneuver)

  4. Regarding the greatsword phantom outside the fog gate, I believe you can hear him spawn as you exit the bonfire area on the other side of the bridge. I was wondering who was spawning every time I left that bonfire, but Church seems to have confirmed my suspision that it is indeed the greatsword BP.

    Great work as always, guys. Keep em coming!

  5. In regard to the question of the week, while I haven’t played too much of the game yet (only just got it), my favorite weapon class are rapiers. Maybe it’s because I play defensively, but they’re really good for how I play and can stun enemies easily with quick strikes.

    Also, in regard to tips, I just found something out, though I’m not sure if you’ve covered it yet. I was reading the item description for the Prism Stone and it said it was warm. So naturally I took it to the crows and left it there. Sure enough they liked it and left me with one of the random items. If anyone wants to get some extra stuff early on, Sweet Shalqoir sells ten of them at 300 souls a piece. Not too bad!

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