The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

Podcast 014 – Dark Souls 2 lore on The Shaded Woods. Plus first DLC!

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This week’s listener question:

What is your theory as to why a second Flexile Sentry appears in the Shaded Woods on the run up to the Shrine of Winter?



Show Notes:

Basilisk eyes
Alternate Shaded Woods Moss Texture by YarHar707


  1. I looked closely at the three female statues close to the second bonfire. It looks to me like they are holding a bundle of plants that they may have harvested. The first one one looks like roses, the left one looks like sun flowers, and the the one on the right is a larger version of the ferns growing on the wall behind her. The outline of the leaf pattern is just barely visible on her left arm. The fact that the other two are cleanly sliced, while this one is undamaged, and those ferns are growing behind her, while the roses and sunflowers I don’t see anywhere nearby… maybe there is something to that? The other two are cleanly sliced, perhaps the flexible sentry and his goons were among the first to defile this once peaceful and plentiful lands? Who fucken knows right?! :)

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