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Podcast 017 – Dark Souls 2 lore on grave of Saints and The Gutter.

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This week’s listener question:

What is your least favourite area in the game and why?


Show Notes:

All the reviews we had no idea existed.


  1. I’ll have to go Iron Keep as the worst area. A lava castle, you can do better than that Dark Souls 2!
    I do like the Alonne Knights as enemies (curse that fire resistance though) but the general environment is just far unrealistic and uncreative. If they maybe had made it such as all the lava had cooled down and solidified years or so before we got there with only traces of lava being there left. Walking in a castle seemingly sunken in black rock would make for a far more ominous feeling by my opinion. It would also spark a lot more interest as one would wonder how the castle sunk into rock as it being lava before would not be too obvious if done right.

  2. I had to think this over a bit, because there are plenty of places I dread on each play through (despite no longer having problems with them), but dread is good and I want dark souls to make me feel dread, but no obvious least favourite.

    I think I’m going to have to go with belfry luna, especially in comparison to belfry sol. It’s just a cramped boring arena full of ganking with a annoying boss. See at least Sol is an open interesting arena with little secrets and not having a boss makes it a tiny side route that’s actually fun.

    My average experience if I’m actually going to visit Luna is go through door, maybe try to join covenant but get back stabbed before I can finish, then I try and pull the lever probably getting overwhelmed by midgets and multiple players as I finish, respawning I run for the boss, enter the fog and remember that this boss is just five bastards at once with no real treasure or souls and that I’d rather just fight the sinner in the dark than deal with this bullshit.

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