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Podcast 018 – Dark Souls 2 lore on Black Gulch and Drangleic Castle opening.

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This week’s listener question:

What is your most favourite area in the game and why?


Show Notes:

New Bloodborne Gameplay Trailer from TGS 2014.
30mins of Bloodborne Gameplay from TGS 2014.
Bearzly’s twitch for more Guitar Souls.
Neo fights the Twin Pursuers – Bare Fists No Damage NG+++++
Redditor /u/chim_cheree’s investigative work on the Shine of Winter tablets
MOD: Texture Improvement Project by Cavou


    1. Cool. What’s the change? Admittedly I’m yet to complete a NG+ playthrough (you know… other commitments *cough* this fkn podcast *cough* ;).

      Is it just that there’s a few more giant spawns in the game? So more opportunities to get the souls?

      One thing we forgot to mention is that with those two elite giants in the cave under the Black Gulch, for every summoned NPC you have there will be another giant. So imagine running down there with two co-op partners thinking “just take out these two stoneheads and… OH CRAP THERE’S FOUR!”. But again, you still only get one soul.

  1. Most favorite zone – Shrine of Amana, The Melphanito Song is just too good.
    Also, need more a-capella of “Soul of a lost undead”

  2. The player visits the Black Gulch in order to defeat the Rotten and claim its soul as part of their quest to obtain four Old Ones souls in order to open the gate leading to Drangleic Castle .

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