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Podcast 019 – Dark Souls 2 lore on Drangleic Castle interior and the Dark Chasms of Old.

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This week’s listener question:

What questions would you like to have answered by listeners of the podcast?


Show Notes:

Bloodborne interview with Stuch.
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – long ass frikken ladder scene with music.


  1. Nooo! You forgot The Faraam Set.
    Question: Wich one of You guys will win at PvP? Can you make a few duels on upcoming stream?

  2. Hello!

    Great episode! I had a lot of trouble with the soul doors. As a caster on my initial run, I would stay back and pull the soldier to get into Drangleic Castle, to the point where I ran out of spells. I ended up looking online for what to do.

    My question idea is: Obviously Dark Souls 2 is compared against DS1 and Demon’s Souls, and many find parts of DS2 lacking compared to previous Souls games. What is one thing about Dark Souls 2 that you think is best in the series?

    For myself, here are a few things I think DS2 does the best:

    Character Progression. The options you have when leveling seem the best to me, and being able to use a soulvessel was a great addition.

    Weapon Upgrades. The upgrade system for weapons is the most streamlined of the series.

    Covenants. The covenants in DS2 are the best, the covenant system makes the most sense, and as a result I have enjoyed the covenants a lot more.

  3. Okay question time.
    * Favorite/least favorite DLC aea?
    * Favorite/least favorite weapon class?
    * Favourite/least favorite NPC?
    * Favourite Benhart quote!
    * What are your views with different weapon infusions?
    * Favourite/least favorite covenant?
    * Should one stop leveling at a certain level that some people do (at SL 150 or maybe SL 250) or should one not?
    * Different lore speculations relevant for the area you are covering
    * Who is the best, Church or Taboo?
    * What type of bosses do you prefer/would like to fight more of. Big armor dudes( Smelter, Veldstadtand more) or beast monster bosses (Aava, Demon of Song, Guardian Dragon)?

    That is all….for now….

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