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Podcast 020 – Dark Souls 2 lore on Shrine of Amana and end game lore dump.

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This week’s listener question:

What is your most hated enemy in Dark Souls 2?


Show Notes:

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Screenshot of the bust and relief in the King’s Passage.
Staff of Amana vs Staff of Wisdom scientific break down.


  1. I will have to got with the Spear guys in the Third DLC that got large ice crystals on their back, Crown of the Ivory King.
    Their are like the spearmen in Forest of the fallen giant, using a little wood shield that blocks EVERYTHING thought these guys have more health and deal more dmg. Oh and not to mention, you can not backstab them and have a huge poise amount. The amount enough to avoid a pancake slam with Demon’s Great Hammer.
    They think that they are so cool with their ice and such….

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