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Podcast 021 – Dark Souls 2 lore on Undead Crypt.

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This week’s listener question:

Who is your favourite and/or least favourite NPC and why?


Show Notes:

Album art supplied by @Stellaking_Si on twitter. Thanks Stella.
Bloodbook by Dreadedcone.
All armor sets with special added effects.
Weapon Attack Rating calculator by dryvnt and Skorbrand on Reddit.taboo_’s quick tip for dealing with the Lion Warriors in the Shaded Woods.


  1. Firstly great episode. Loved the theory of Veldstadt and how he had become corrupted by dark, thus preventing Venrick from escaping and such. I had never heard that theory before and I have to say it sounds like the most plausible so far if you ask me. Loved it!

    Secondly, the question of the *cough* “week” *cough*

    I have to go with my favorite NPC as Creighton the Wanderer. I got many reasons for it but the main is from the his and Pate’s storyline. First playthrough I sided with Pate killing Craighton and then Pate backstabbed me as the fiend he is. I have never forgiven him and never will. Creighton on the other hand might backstab you too if you side with him but he got so much character when you talk to him. (and I have very much sympathy for his revenge seeking after Pate tried to kill me first time). Also his armor set is epic.

    That is the main reason, the second reason is that as cool as Ceighton is I made a cosplay build as him which must have been one of my favorite build so far.

    Runner up goes to the Bell Keeper covenant leader!

    As for the least favorite NPC… not sure.
    I’d go with Carhillion of the Fold, he is always a douche and refuses to talk to me….meanie…

  2. Favorite NPC?..Chloanne’s boobs!
    Ok, srsly my favorite would be Saulden. I got really emotional talking to him. Firstly, because he’s replica to the crestfallen soldier from DaS1 (and as far as i know, also DS) and he’s portrayed by the same actor. Second, his line: “To be alive…to walk this earth… That’s the real curse right there.” gives me shivers, that stuff is deep, Man.

    Great episode, as always, impressing amount of work and of course Veldstat theory.

    I was hoping, you will shed some light on encounter with Licia, when you invade her she says: “Curses…Puzzled me out, have you?
    At least now I can finish you off, guilt-free! Hah hah!” what does it mean?

  3. Hi guys,
    Just using the soapstone to let you know you have a couple of diehard fans in Spain. A friend told me about you just recently so I haven’t listened to all the episodes yet, and just watched a couple of videos, but thumbs up to your great work. Fantastic job with the research (although faced with the translation issues even good ol’ Vaati encountered), but even without that, the overall vibe is awesome. You f**king rock.
    Keep it up!

    Oh, haven’t heard this episode yet, but while I’m here… the fav NPC is a difficult question, but I think I would go for Lucatiel and her tragic story (if not, Navlaan and his Mephistopheles reminiscence).

    Least… sorry… but Gavlan. LOL, no, it would be Gilligan.

    1. Honestly mate, you have no idea how happy this makes me. We have people of all different backgrounds literally thousands of kilometres away enjoying someone we worked on. That blows my mind.

      When you say translation issues, do you mean because we speak English and that’s a second language for you? Because you write English so well. Either way man, thanks so much for the support. It really means a lot.


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  5. Drop down from the shortcut bridge to a hidden path with a statue which can be lighted with a torch, lighting giant sconces held by giant statues. There’s also a chest with a Soul Vessel. Climbing down the ladder in there will lead to the Undead Ditch bonfire.

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