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Podcast 006 – Dark Souls 2 lore. No Man’s Wharf. Plus Dark Maus!

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This week’s listener question:

For those that played both, which game did you prefer? Dark Souls 1 or Demon’s Souls? And is your favorite the one you played first?

Show Notes:

Dark Souls 2 calibration 1.04 patch notes.
– Dark Maus screenshot.
Dark Maus weapon attack gif.
– Let @DanielMakeGames know how interested you are in Dark Maus.
Don’t Wanna Go Down to Blightown (Music Video)
Dark Souls 1 3D map explorer.
– My accidental Pharros lockstones essay. “Why I think the Pharros lockstones were a poor design choice in Dark Souls 2, and generally cheapen the experience of discovery.”


  1. Excellent podcast!

    Regarding poise-

    Though I haven’t been able to do testing on it myself yet, a few people have done some fairly extensive testing which I trust to be more thorough than experience mentioned on reddit.

    I think the basic gist of it is that poise does consistently help withstand certain attacks, though it 1) Breaks pretty easily, and 2) Takes a LONG time to refill.

    It’s likely the second factor that causes so many people to think it’s completely broken, because when they get attacked and stunned by a single R1 attack, they don’t realize that their poise is still drained from blows that were taken ~10 seconds prior.

    There was a gamefaqs topic that explored testing all weapons by poise damage and what the corresponding poise breakpoints are. I turned this data into a page for the wiki, though feel free to take the information with a grain of salt. Though it’s probably the best information we have so far, more testing should be done to be sure:

    1. There’s some good stuff there. Thanks. I’d like to see someone really break it down and prove things in a video so I can really feel confident about how it works. But really, thanks. We aren’t going to get everything right so it’s important to us that you lot bring our attention to it when we don’t.

  2. Played all the souls games at release. Moving from demon’s souls to dark souls was a giant leap. Was absolutely blown away by the map. Everything was connected to…. well, everything. I walked the map so much I didn’t even think about which way to go. It eventually engraved the layout in my mind. Getting lost was welcome and opened up shortcuts to paths I was supposed to be on. I would be able to run from Ash Lake to the Duke Archives.

    When I first walked into Majula I actually looked around and wondered what other paths I would open up that would lead me back there. I was pretty disappointed that all path just forked into other paths.

    Maps are lacking in layout, but are beautifully designed.

    1. I actually entirely agree. I started with Dark Souls and even without DeS as a frame of reference was blown away by the way the game world managed to keep coming back around on itself. There was no greater feeling of elation than walking for what felt like an eternity into the unknown and wondering “I feel so lost and exposed and have no idea when I’ll see another bonfire” and then out of no where – BAM – you’d walk around one corner and suddenly you’re back at Firelink Shrine or something. It would be such a feeling of elation, almost like coming home after months away. And as you said, I LOVED that, if good enough, you could walk from one end of the map to the other without ever encountering a loading screen.

      I’ve gone back to DeS, but the I missed the most is absolutely the map – and a lack of drop attacks ;).

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