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The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

Podcast 006 – Dark Souls 2 lore. No Man’s Wharf. Plus Dark Maus!

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This week’s listener question:

For those that played both, which game did you prefer? Dark Souls 1 or Demon’s Souls? And is your favorite the one you played first?

Show Notes:

Dark Souls 2 calibration 1.04 patch notes.
– Dark Maus screenshot.
Dark Maus weapon attack gif.
– Let @DanielMakeGames know how interested you are in Dark Maus.
Don’t Wanna Go Down to Blightown (Music Video)
Dark Souls 1 3D map explorer.
– My accidental Pharros lockstones essay. “Why I think the Pharros lockstones were a poor design choice in Dark Souls 2, and generally cheapen the experience of discovery.”

The Dark Souls Two - A podcast celebrating Dark Souls II.

No Man’s Wharf episode will be up within ~18hrs.

A new ep will be out this week. The Casual Shenanigans recording we did was for their own podcast and wont take the place of our weekly episode.

We recorded all about No Man’s Wharf yesterday and due to it being a four day long weekend in Australia I’m using all of today to cut. New ep should be up in ~18hrs.