The long awaited update.

Hey all. So for those that missed the last post I, taboo_, had a medical emergency. That was five weeks ago to the day and for now the major surgeries are over and my life is starting to return back to some kind of normalcy. Firstly this means I’m now out of excuses to no longer be at work (bugger) and secondly WE’RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!!

The notes for Aldia’s keep are basically done and we’re just needing to flesh out the extra content and figure out what Souls news has happened over the last 5wks that we can’t not talk about. Basically there will still be a recording period and a cutting period, but keep those feeds on refresh for the next week or so.

For anyone wanting a bit of an insight into what the doctors have done to me over the last five weeks check out the album here. It’s not too horrific but not for anyone easily put off by blood and fleshy bits where there shouldn’t be fleshy bits.

For now, once again, thanks so much for being engaged by our nonsense. We truly do appreciate every listener we get and we hope to talk soon.

PS. Church has taken to calling me Lucatiel on account of half my face falling off.


  1. This is happy news! Thanks for the update. The pictures are nasty but fascinating. Its amazing what the doctors were able to do and how they did it. Much respect for you for what you have gone through. Love the new nickname, haha Church cracks me up

  2. “…we’re just needing to flesh out the extra content…”

    You can’t tell me that was a complete accident. You guys…

    Glad everything is getting better! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Aldia’s! It’ll be great having Lucatiel on to FLESH out how she feels about her brother being here in the state that he is.

  3. That first photo, with the blood on your chin, is gruesome. So happy to see the progress you’ve made. Good luck and I look forward to more podcasts, they are excellent!!

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