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What must we do to appease them?

Now I know this wont appeal to all of you, but Jiminy-Cricket the gaming gods are cruel to release this on the same day as Dark Souls II. I mean, on one hand we have DaSII – our most anticipated game ever – but on the the other we have a game that just oozes fun.

Admittedly it wasn’t a game that I was terribly caught up in until I got to play the beta and I gotta say, Titanfall sure knows how to put a smile on your face. Raw, unadulterated, balls to the wall fun.

Now I wont let it distract us from our primary focus and task at hand here at The Dark Souls Two. But I assure you, food, sleep and girlfriends be damned. Every moment we’re not soaking in the beauty that is sure to be Dark Souls II, Church and I are going to be blasting up the battlefield in our military grade mechs in Titanfall.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Dark Souls II first impressions episode this Friday/Saturday. And leave a comment letting us know what other game you’re strongly anticipating this year.


    1. [ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED] Leave a message with the orange soapstone.

      Thanks so much. You’ll go down in history as the first commenter on the site ;-). New episode (and a video) should be up today.

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